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Electric Financing

At USALLIANCE, we're all charged up about providing the "green" so our members can drive "green". Electric vehicles are in a class all by themselves. Buyers need to turn to a financial institution who understands the ins and outs of this emerging market - financing for the purchase or building of these vehicles as well as the purchase and installation of supportive charging stations and solar panel arrays. At USALLIANCE, we're committed to fostering innovation be it within our own organization or through providing loan products to make the financing of electric vehicles more easily accessible and affordable.

To apply for financing for the purchase or refinance of a fully electric or plug-in/hybrid auto or motorcycle, click below.

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To apply for financing of an electric vehicle conversion project, the purchase of do-it-yourself conversion materials or the purchase and installation of after-market parts and accessories, click below.


Need help developing a budget for your conversion project?  Print our convenient EV Conversion Budget Sheet.

To apply for financing of the purchase and installation of supportive electric products such as charging stations or solar panel arrays, click below.

Have specific questions regarding your individual financing needs? Contact one of our Electric Vehicle Financing Specialists in our Member Services area by calling 1.800.431.2754.

Click the link below to find more information about USALLIANCE's various ELECTRIC partnerships.



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