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USALLIANCE FastTrack Mortgage

With a USALLIANCE FastTrack Mortgage, borrowers and USALLIANCE Mortgage Professionals work together to expedite the home financing process. USALLIANCE is committed to making your home financing experience simple and enjoyable from beginning to end.

The USALLIANCE FastTrack Mortgage:

  • Offers the ability to close on a home within 25 days of submitting an application
  • Provides guidelines and a timeline to expedite the closing process

FastTrack Mortgage Checklist

In order to close within 25 days, the following must apply:

Borrower Requirements:

  • Be employed with a consistent payment schedule – salaried or regular hour employee
  • Provide 24 months of employment history
  • Be a US citizen or permanent resident alien

Property Requirements:

  • Be a single or two-family residence
  • Have no property issues marked on the appraisal (i.e. termites, mold, open permits on the title, no Certificate of Occupancy, etc.)
  • Have a clear title

Other Requirements:

  • Maximum loan amount is $1,500,000
  • Maximum Loan to Value (LTV) is 80%
  • New York CEMA loans not eligible

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Phase 1

Application to Pre-Commitment

Day 0
Submit Application

Submit your mortgage application through our easy-to-use online application portal and upload the following documents:

  • Proof of income: 2 most recent paystubs & 2 most recent W2 forms
  • Most recent 2 months bank statements
  • Home purchase contractHome Purchase Contract
    A contract that outlines the terms and agreed-upon price for the purchase of the home.
    (if applicable)
Day 1
Initial Disclosure Package

After your application is submitted, USALLIANCE will issue the initial disclosure packageInitial Disclosure Package
Outlines initial terms of the mortgage application and includes state and federal mortgage disclosures.
to you electronically through our online portal. Please make sure you review and acknowledge the package within 24 hours.

Day 2-3
Pre-Qualification Issued

After you qualify, a pre-qualified commitment will be issued to you within 72 hours of your application date. This document outlines the supporting documents that are needed, specific to your loan requirements.

Day 4
Pre-Qualification & Appraisal Payment

On Day 4, Your Loan Processor will send you the pre-qualification and appraisal payment form via email.

Day 5-6
Upload Supporting Documents

You will need to upload all requested supporting documents referenced on the pre-qual, appraisal payment disclosure form, and Title/Settlement disclosures (if applicable) through our online portal.

Phase 2

Appraisal & Services

Day 7
Services Ordered

A USALLIANCE Processor will order all third-party services on your behalf: Appraisal (must be ordered as RUSH status), Tax transcripts, Title Insurance, Flood Zone Determination, etc.

Day 7
Appraisal Payment

Check your email! You will receive a payment link via email from our partnered appraisal company prior to the appraisal being scheduled. The payment will need to be paid promptly by credit card with no delays if you wish to continue on schedule with the FastTrack Program.

Day 8
Appraisal Scheduled

After appraisal payment is received, the appraiser will contact you to schedule the inspection. Scheduling must be prompt, with no delays, in order for your loan to continue to close on the FastTrack Program.

Day 15
Services Received

USALLIANCE will have received all third-party services that were ordered on your behalf, such as the Appraisal, Title, and Tax Transcripts.

Phase 3

Final Steps to Closing Day

Day 15
Final Conditions

Final steps! At this point in the process, USALLIANCE must have received all outstanding conditions listed on the pre-qual from you. Your Loan Processor will pull a refresh creditRefresh Credit
A soft credit inquiry to ensure no additional debt or credit inquiries were established since loan application.
and Verification of Employment (VOE)Verification of Employment
A process to comfirm the borrower's job stability and confirm income history for previous 2 years.
. Avoid taking new debts or making other major financial changes during the loan process.

Day 16
Final Review

Processor will send your file to the Underwriter for final document review. If all conditions are cleared, a ‘clear to close’ will be issued within 24 hours and your file will be sent to closing.

Day 18
Closing Disclosure

After the Underwriter clears your file for closing, a Closing Disclosure (CD) is issued to you via email. The CD provides final details of your loan such as loan terms, projected payments, totaling fees and closing costs.

Day 18
Closing Disclosure Review

You must carefully review and acknowledge all elements of the CD 3 business days prior to the scheduled date of closing.

Day 21
Closing Day!

Congratulations! Your Closing Day is here! This is usually scheduled 3 days after your acknowledgement of the CD. You will be given advance notice of all documents and monies required at closing.

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What our members say...

We closed on our mortgage about two weeks back. Each step of the way from day 1, every member of the USALLIANCE mortgage group were extremely helpful, and were very patient with my wife and myself. Thanks again for all the help along the way.

- Maclucas, New York

Very professional and honest people that I dealt with from the customer service people to the underwriters very pleasant to deal with

- Kayman, Medford, MA

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