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Home Lending Center

Our People Make The Difference, Honestly

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All of us are here to help open the door to your dream home

- Ariel, Home Lending Officer / Relationship Manager

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Meet Our Team

Our entire staff is here to help you every step of the way.
stephanie hyles

Stephanie Hyles

SVP Real Estate Lending

stephanie lewers

Stephanie Lewers

Mortgage Lending Manager

NMLS 999913

erica potter

Erica Potter

Mortgage Servicing Manager

michelle durette

Michelle Durette

Account Executive & Loan Originator

NMLS #26012

susan lowell

Susan Lowell

Real Estate Projects and Compliance Manager

NMLS 741023

somaly suon

Somaly Suon

Mortgage Underwriter

NMLS 21196

maureen molloy

Maureen Molloy

Assistant Manager for Mortgage Servicing

ariel suarez

Ariel Suarez

Mortgage Loan Officer/ Relationship Specialist

NMLS 902643

jeffrey law

Jeffrey Law

Senior Real Estate Loan Officer

NMLS 741035

christen grey

Christen Grey

Home Equity Underwriter

NMLS 1456550

deborah cammarata

Deborah Cammarata

Mortgage Servicing Specialist

sherri o'brien

Sherri O'Brien

Home Equity Coordinator

NMLS #1661307

katherine mulcahy

Katherine Mulcahy

Systems & Special Projects Manager

NMLS 925193

jennifer garvey

Jennifer Garvey

Mortgage Underwriter

NMLS 1222168

darnell sacco

Darnell Sacco

Post Closer

jason maille

Jason Maille

Senior Loan Closer/Team Lead

donna hoard

Donna Hoard

Senior Mortgage Underwriter

NMLS 741037

sonia cepeda

Sonia Cepeda

Mortgage Processor

NMLS 20716

david taylor

David Taylor

Investor & QA Specialist

matthew decorpo

Matthew DeCorpo

Senior Closer

Diane Plouff

Diane Plouff

Senior Underwriter

NMLS 1050932

debra buchanan

Debra Buchanan


NMLS 488825

laurie tetley

Laurie Tetley

Mortgage Servicing Specialist

dorothy burr

Dorothy Burr

Mortgage Closer

nauly jean-francios

Nauly Jean-Francois

Senior Mortgage Processor

NMLS 1151998

mark maladowitz

Donna Pickering

Mortgage Processor

NMLS 1806778

jose pais

Jose Pais

Mortgage Servicing Specialist

mark maladowitz

Mark Maladowitz

Mortgage Servicing Specialist

aaron goldsmith

Aaron Goldsmith

Mortgage Processor

NMLS 957567

dianna molloy

Dianna Molloy

Mortgage Servicing Specialist

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