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USALLIANCE Financial seeks to build and maintain a board comprised of leaders committed to our mission of providing our members with exceptional service, innovative financial products, and easily accessible tools and support. We have an Associate Director program which is designed to give people interested in USALLIANCE the opportunity to learn about the work our volunteers do, take part in training opportunities and participate in some of the work of the board. Many of our Board members first volunteered as Associate Directors or on the Supervisory Committee.

To ensure diversity of thought, background, and experience, we are looking for directors who reflect the broad range of our membership communities, as well as possess the experience and perspectives outlined below:

  • Time and enthusiasm for the Credit Union and for the Credit Union movement.
  • Executive and leadership experience
  • Varying professional and personal experiences, and skills.
  • Membership of, and willingness to use, personal and professional networks for the benefit of the Credit Union and its members. Examples may include through employment, unions, not for profit organizations and educational entities that can collaborate with the Credit Union to deliver its mission.

Expectations for the Behaviors, Attributes and Values of Individual Directors

Each individual brings their own professional and personal experiences, their skills, their time and their enthusiasm for the Credit Union and for the Credit Union movement to their delivery of the role of Director. Diversity of experience and perspectives amongst Directors is intended to benefit the work of the Board. The Board has established expectations for the way that Directors operate to ensure the Credit Union’s success. They include:


USALLIANCE expects the following behaviors for its Board members:
  • Responsible – Regularly participates and follows through on commitments. Offers support when needed.
  • Critical Thinker – Proceeds imaginatively and innovatively about how to understand challenges and achieve desired outcomes.
  • Adaptable – Able and willing to adjust one’s ideas or behaviors to suit new conditions or a changing environment.
  • Forward-Thinking/Strategic – Able to envision, think and plan into the future.
  • Effective Communicator – Shares insights and asks thoughtful questions to clarify issues and strengthen decision-making.
  • Independent Mindedness – Not afraid to “go against the crowd.”


USALLIANCE expects the following values for its Board members:
  • Judicious – Possesses common sense; can balance tradeoffs when making decisions.
  • Dependable – Capable of being trusted and relied upon.
  • Cooperative – Understands how to work effectively work with others to achieve a common goal or objective.
  • Community-Minded – Interested in helping individuals achieve financial well-being; socially concerned.
  • Accountable – Willing to hold oneself – and others – to goals/promises.
  • Decisive – Has the ability to use one’s imagination to generate new ideas. Open to innovation.
  • Creative – Able to synthesize complex information and make a firm decision.


USALLIANCE seeks out the following attributes in its Board members:
  • Ethical – Acts with integrity and makes decisions in a principled and moral manner.
  • Collaborative – Seeks to cooperate with others to accomplish better outcomes.
  • Respectful – Recognizes the worth of others.
  • Fair – Is impartial and just; makes decisions without favoritism or discrimination.
  • Equitable – Seeks to recognize and eliminate barriers that prevent fair outcomes for all.

Volunteer Requirements and Expectations


Directors should demonstrate an understanding of the business of the credit union including:

  • Financial Ratios
  • Financial Condition
  • Strategy
  • The division between governance issues and operational issues

New volunteers are given training opportunities to learn and then demonstrate their understanding.

Educational and development opportunities

Directors are expected to attend educational meetings, seminars, conferences, or training sessions sponsored by NAFCU, CUES, CUNA, or the New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts State Leagues, either in person or online, at least once per year and to provide feedback to the Board. Relevant topics include:

  • Governance
  • Financials and related ratios (financial literacy)
  • Industry trends

Training events may also be organized and led by the Credit Union for Directors and other volunteers during Board meetings, during Board retreats, or as separate events to facilitate learning together. The Credit Union staff will ensure that useful fundamental information that is relevant to Directors and other volunteers is maintained on the Board portal. The purpose of this information is to provide foundational understanding for new volunteers, and a reference source of current information for more seasoned volunteers.

Regulatory compliance

Directors are required to complete regulatory training including Anti-Money Laundering and Bank Secrecy Act training.

Nominations are being accepted for USALLIANCE
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