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Grow your money with a Certificate Account!

If you have some extra funds, a Certificate Account is an easy way to get your money working for you. Similar to a CD, our Certificate Accounts offer highly competitive rates by locking your deposit into a fixed term ranging from 3 to 60 months. All you need to do is choose the term and rate that work best for you, then sit back and watch your earnings rise. When the term is up, you get your deposit back plus all of the dividends you’ve earned with your excellent rate. You can transfer the funds into a liquid account, or you can choose to rollover into a new Certificate Account to keep earning more dividends!1

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Interest Compounded Daily

Dividends are compounded daily and credited monthly.

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Wide Range of Terms and Rates

Choose the rate and term that best meets your financial goals.

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Rotating Rate Specials

Check back for special rates1, available for a limited time!

Start saving with a certificate account!

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What our members say:

Great Customer Service!

“USALLIANCE has been a great experience from a financial stand point. They have allowed me to rebuild my credit history when no one else would. Highly recommend the Credit Union to family and friends.”

- Kari

I Would Recommend

The overall services from USALLIANCE was EXCELLENT. Thank you again for all your services. 👍

- Tricia

Experience the Cooperative Difference

USALLIANCE is a non-profit, membership based, full-service financial organization.

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Member Focused

We do not answer to stock holders; we donʼt have any. Each member holds a share of ownership. Our decisions are aimed to better the lives of each and every member.

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