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Savings & Certificate Rates1

Put your money to work for you! Our High Dividend Savings Account2 and Certificate Accounts have rates much higher than a standard savings account to accelerate your savings.

Product APY*
High Dividend Savings 4.55%
18 Month Certificate 4.50%
12 Month Certificate 5.15%
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Loan Rates3

No matter what your financial goals are, USALLIANCE can help you accomplish them with our full suite of loan products featuring some of the best rates in the industry.

Product APR* (as low as)
Visa Classic Card 13.99%
Personal Loan 12.24%
Auto Loan 6.74%

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Home Lending Rates4

Whether you’re looking to buy a home with a great rate on a mortgage, or you have equity in your home and want to apply for a loan or line of credit, USALLIANCE is here for you.

Product APR* (as low as)
30 Year Fixed 7.206%
HELOC PRIME + 0.500%
Home Equity Loan 7.334%

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