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Jumbo Loans

If you find yourself requiring financing greater than what a conventional loan can provide, we can help. USALLIANCE specializes in jumbo loans. Repayment options vary, enabling you to select a mortgage that fits your budget.

Financing for purchase

Rate/term refinance and cash-out refinance transactions

Fixed and adjustable rate mortgage options

Minimum down payment or equity requirement as low as 20%

  Standard jumbo loans start at  $726,201

 Minimum credit score (FICO) 680

Eligible property types:

Owner occupied 1-4 unit primary residences


1 unit second/vacation home*


*Investor properties and co-ops are not eligible


Jumbo Specials

Up to 90% LTV without PMI

Up to 90% LTV with PMI

  • Min. FICO Score: 740
  • Min. FICO Score: as low as 700
  • Min. Reserves: 9 Months of Housing Expenses (PITIA)
  • Min. Reserves: as low as 6 Months of Housing Expenses (PITIA)
  • Add 0.75% to the interest rate
  • Add 0.125% to the interest rate

Jumbo Specials are offered for well-qualified borrowers.  Additional Terms and Conditions will apply.  Contact a Loan Officer to learn more: (800) 431-2754 x2320.

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