At USALLIANCE, we care about our member's safety.

There has been a significant increase in fraud and identity theft incidences. In order to better protect your personal information, we are sharing a few tips on how USALLIANCE, as a financial institution protects you and how you can protect yourself from identity theft.

Please be careful when anyone is asking for your personal information and look for clues of phone calls or emails phishing for your info to gain access to your accounts. To be safe, do not click any links within texts or emails without confirming the issue first.

If you believe you've been a scam victim, please call us immediately at +1 (800) 431-2754.


  • Identify ourselves on each call so that you are comfortable and confident it is USALLIANCE
  • Provide the contact number posted on our website as +1 (800) 431-2754, or give the correct member services email as


  • Ask for your password or card PIN (Personal Identification Number)
  • Ask for any personal information through email, text messages, or social media messengers
  • Attempt to log in to your account via remote access

Thank you for being a member of USALLIANCE Financial!

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Member Security

To learn more about how we keep our members secure, visit our Member Security Page

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Lost or stolen card?

What you should do: If your card is lost or stolen, has unauthorized charges, or appears to have been compromised, please call:

  • ATM/Debit Card - within the U.S: (800) 754-4128
  • ATM/Debit Card - Collect from Overseas: (727) 227-9012
  • Credit Card - within the U.S.: (877) 205-3192
  • Credit Card – Collect from Overseas: (727) 570-4899