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USALLIANCE Financial seeks to build and maintain a board comprised of leaders committed to our mission of providing our members with exceptional service, innovative financial products, and easily accessible tools and support. We have an Associate Director program which is designed to give people interested in USALLIANCE the opportunity to learn about the work our volunteers do, take part in training opportunities and participate in some of the work of the board. Many of our Board members first volunteered as Associate Directors or on the Supervisory Committee.

To ensure diversity of thought, background, and experience, we are looking for directors who reflect the broad range of our membership communities, as well as possess the experience and perspectives outlined below.

  • Time and enthusiasm for the Credit Union and for the Credit Union movement.
  • Executive and leadership experience
  • Varying professional and personal experiences, and skills; and
  • Membership of, and willingness to use, personal and professional networks for the benefit of the Credit Union and its members. Examples may include through employment, unions, not for profit organizations and educational entities that can collaborate with the Credit Union to deliver its mission;

Areas of Expertise and Experience

The following areas of experience and experience are important to the Credit Union.

Possession of two or more is desirable:

  • Governance or leadership experience and/or strategic competencies applicable to the future and current needs of USALLIANCE
  • Business or professional expertise
  • Cooperative movement and philosophy
  • Understanding the requirements of the volunteer role, and willingness to accept the responsibilities of office, including the required commitment of time (meetings, preparation, and training courses/credit union movement conference attendance)
  • Independence and objectivity

Volunteer Requirements and Expectations

Directors should demonstrate an understanding of the business of the credit union including:

  • Financial Ratios
  • Financial Condition
  • Strategy
  • The division between governance issues and operational issues

New volunteers are given training opportunities to learn and then demonstrate their understanding.

Educational and development opportunities
Directors are expected to attend educational meetings, seminars, conferences, or training sessions sponsored by NAFCU, CUES, CUNA, or the New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts State Leagues, either in person or online, at least once per year and to provide feedback to the Board. Relevant topics include:

  • Governance
  • Financials and related ratios (financial literacy)
  • Industry trends

Training events may also be organized and led by the Credit Union for Directors and other volunteers during Board meetings, during Board retreats, or as separate events to facilitate learning together. The Credit Union staff will ensure that useful fundamental information that is relevant to Directors and other volunteers is maintained on the Board portal. The purpose of this information is to provide foundational understanding for new volunteers, and a reference source of current information for more seasoned volunteers.

Regulatory compliance
Directors are required to complete regulatory training including Anti-Money Laundering and Bank Secrecy Act training.

Board and Committee Member Recruitment Application

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